Lubricants and Hand Cleaners
Hand Cleaner

For over 50 years, Permatex® has offered high-quality hand cleaners and has maintained a leadership position through innovation and a concern for users' needs. Choose from industry leading brands such as Fast Orange®, Trounce® and Blue Label™. Permatex® parts cleaners are developed with application-specific performance in mind.*

Wilcox-Slidders, Inc. has been associated with the Permatex®, for many of years and have confidence in quality and ease of use.

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Anti-seize & Lubricants:

Permatex® Anti-Seize Compounds and Lubricants work to protect mated metal parts against in-service rusting, corrosion, friction, and galling and lubricate a wide array of machinery moving parts and components. Made to serve the demanding needs of even the most severe industrial environments. Anti-Seize reduces wrench torque and eases assembly and disassembly of threaded, slip-fit, and press-fit connections. Depend on Permatex ® Anti-Seizes to reduce friction and wear. Available in a variety of temperature ranges. *


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