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Tangless Inserts

HELI-COIL Tangless® Inserts eliminate tang break-off and retrieval and are easily adjusted or removed after installation.

  • Bi-Directional Design: Installs quickly and easily from either end.
  • Stronger Assemblies: Tapped threads are strengthened because the inherent flexibility of the insert provides a more balanced distribution of static and dynamic loads throughout the engagement length.
  • Eliminate Stress: Virtually no stress is induced into the parent material as no staking, swaging, or keying in place is required.
  • Positive Self-Locking Torque: HELI-COIL Tangless screw-lock inserts provide a positive, self-locking torque complying with the requirements of Mil-I-8846.
  • Minimize Space and Weight: Requires smaller boss than solid inserts; minimize total in-place cost.
  • Conform to NAS1130

TANGLESS® is a registered trademark of Advanex Inc

Taken from HeliCoil/Emhart website: http://www.emhart.com/products/helicoil/tangless.asp


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