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For nearly 80 years the Webber Gage Division has concentrated on the design, development, and production of micro-accurate gage blocks and accessories.

Webber Gage is an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of gage blocks and offers the widest selection of gage blocks. We off gage blocks in steel, ceramic and croblox® (chromium-carbide) materials, Inch and Metric measuring systems, and in both rectangular and square style blocks.

Webber Gage also offers our own HEAVY- DUTY style of gage blocks with a side-clamping feature for building large combinations of gage blocks.

Webber Gage offers a unique line of Angle Gage Blocks and True Squares of unsurpassed accuracy for precise angular measurements and setups.*
(*from the Starrett/Webber Gage Division web site.)



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Precision Tools and Webber Gage Blocks


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