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Helicoil Nav Kits: Standard, Metric, Spark Plug, Twinsert and MORE! Power Instalation Tools Tanged Inserts

HeliCoil Products have been with Wilcox-Slidders, Inc. for 55 years, and we have gained and proved the knowledge of that experience from long standing relationships with our customers.

We will provide application support for whatever process you are implementing. We can help.

HeliCoil/Emhart has a wide range of fastening options for your application needs.

When they are installed into Heli-Coil® tapped holes, they provide permanent conventional 60' internal screw threads that accommodate any standard bolt or screw.*

All related tooling such as STI Taps, hand and power installation tools, gages and tang break-off tools are also available. Typical Applications would include: Automotive,Communication, Aerospace, Military and the Defense industries.*


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*Text derived from Stanley/Helicoil website.


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