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Choosing a retaining compound:
Retaining compounds are typically used to join non-threaded cylindrical assemblies made of some sort of metal. Metals can be designated as active or inactive. Active metals (carbon steel, copper, or bronze) will typically corrode faster than inactive metals (stainless steel, plated parts, or anodized aluminum). When working with inactive metals, it is generally recommended that a primer be used to increase the cure speed of the retaining compound. New Loctite® retaining compounds have historically been formulated as liquids due to their reactivity to ensure they remain stable and ready to use. Recent breakthroughs have led to the development of a stable,
semisolid stick formulation. This has opened the door to applications where the liquids were considered too messy or inconvenient. This new semisolid formulation allows direct contact of the compound to the part. This ensures not only that the product is placed exactly where it is needed, but also that it stays there as the cylindrical assembly is positioned and assembled.†
†Text from Loctite Corp. 2008 Source Book.








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